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July 16, 2009

Trust, but verify

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I have an odd request. If you have a computer failure, tell the person repairing your computer that you do not have a backup (I assume you are like most of us, and don’t have a recent one).

Why do I tell you this? Recently, I have run across severa instances where the hard drive was formatted and no save of data was done. The customer was told, “It boots now!”

It did boot, but had none of their data. No pictures. No financial data. No letters. No resumes. Nothing.

Why not? The repair tech says he assumed she had a backup.

The first requirement for computer service is to be sure you can trust the service provider.

Another client hired a company to help move her office. She told the company that she had no computer knowledge. So what did they do? She had two computers. Her office could only take one, maybe two more computers. She was sold a 16 port router for $800.

When asked why, the company said she told them she wanted to grow.

Referrals are the best source. Reviews on web sites can help. Another possibility is to get a second opinion. You may even want to consider paying for a second opinion.

Happy computing!