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May 28, 2009

Malware issues

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August, 2008, I found an malware on a client’s computer, XP Anti-Virus 2008. I was able to remove it in just over an hour, never having seen it before. This was one a very few virus/malware/spyware problems that I had worked in almost two years.

In the past month, I have dealt with at least six infections. I am trying to learn from each one, so I have spent extra time on them. It is taking numerous programs run numerous times to remove the infection.

The latest showed up as av2009. Neither McAfee nor Norton have stopped the initial infection. Although, Norton did block me from updating the Malwarebytes and Super-AntiSpyware programs I was using to remove the problems.

I am fairly certain that the software is getting downloaded with permission from the user. Probably showing up in a Window that looks like a Windows directoy that says your computer is infected. It asks permission to scan your drive and remove the problems. Downloading means that you have added the malware to your computer.

It then begins to pop up showing numerous spyware/malware infections. You must buy their program to remove the problems.

I do not know if they will then remove the program. I doubt it. I think they will just have your $50.

The programs are becoming more difficult to remove. Even when I think they are gone, sometimes they re-appear. It is extremely difficult to be certain they have been completely removed.