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June 25, 2009


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I recently got one of the popups that look like real warnings. I was warned I had some trojan and should run their program to clean it up. It did look similar to a warning from my computer.

I absentmindedly clicked “no”. Guess what it appeared that a program began to run. I immediately reset my computer. I found no malware. However, I am sure that the install had started.

Remember, just close any window that pops up. The people sending these out don’t care what you click on as long as they get permission to start. “No” and “yes” are the same.


June 4, 2009

Origin of the malware

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For those who are interested in where the new spyware/malware infections originate. Here is an article that gives some insight. Keeping your computer patches up to date is extremely important. The best protection is to install patches when they come out. Just set them install automatically.

Warning: Close out any open files, since the updates may require reboot.