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April 20, 2009

Spybot Search & Destroy

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This is a free program that I have found to be very useful in removing spyware/malware. I recommend that you download it if your computer is slowing down, has lots of pop-ups, or any other strange behavior.

If it solves your problem, I also highly recommend giving them a donation at their website.

Download it from the Safer Networking site. You can also download it from

I recently had someone try to post a comment to my blog touting an Anti-spware program called, Search-and-Destroy. Guess what it is not from safer networking. From comments at the Safer Neetworking forum, it is the infection.

Do not download this program. I have not experimented to see the result, since it is known malware. They want $30 from you. Will they then give you a way to remove their malware? My guess is no.

Do not download this software. Don’t download any software unless you know the site or check it out first.