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February 20, 2009


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In the past three weeks I have seen four computers with very difficult to remove malware. That may just be the luck of the draw. However, I had not seen many problems for a long time. These were stubborn and all reported one or more rootkits.

I am considering putting together some e-books on malware removal. It is difficult to write one because there are so many possibilities. I am interested in any comments from users about what they might need. Is the basic book all that is needed. Everyone will get help if it gets complicated.

One that seems to re-occur is the one I mentioned in an earlier post, XP Anti-Virus 2009. It seems to come under a number of names. The basic warning is that if you get a pop-up saying your computer is infected, don’t download the program. What they will ask for is $50 to remove the spyware. The only spyware is their program.


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