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August 21, 2008

The Convergence

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The Convergence? Sounds like some New Age post on spirituality. Like most words in English, convergence can mean many things depending on the context. The Cambridge Dictionary defines converge this way, “If lines, roads or paths converge, they move towards the same point where they join or meet.”

What is the convergence with reference to VOIP? Today, most people and businesses have two separate services, voice and data. Most have added DSL or broadband service to their phone service for their internet access. The phone systems tend to still be the “old timey” voice system with a separate data system.

Many people have tried to join the connections thru the internet with various VOIP phone setups. These services have improved remarkably with services like Skype. But this setup does not offer a reliable service. Both phone and DSL service are only provided as best effort to maintain service.
Instead of two separate networks (one for voice calling and one for Internet Protocol), we are seeing a single converged network, carrying voice and data with the same networking protocol, IP. Now, we can have one system to manage and share. The system becomes simpler, more reliable and cost effective for small businesses.

CBeyond was one of the first companies to see this new opportunity. CBeyond uses the internet protocol, IP, to connect both voice and data. You are on a private IP connection with CBeyond, not public like with Skype. The difference is that you get a quality of service (QOS) guarantee.

What this opens up for small business is the kind of service large companies get at affordable rates, usually saving money over their current plans.


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