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August 17, 2008

A New Way to Protect that Data!

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I recommend online backups to keep data is secure and safe. Backups are automatic and the data storage is off site. The cost is low. What more could you ask?

I just ran across a different approach. Data is encrypted and stored immediately on servers on the net. A USB FOB is the key to the system. The real beauty of this system is that you can plug the FOB into any computer with intenet access and access your files.

The data is encrypted, broken up and stored in pieces on three servers. No one can put the data back together without the key. I will not be recommending it before I get a chance to see it work.

Advantages: Backup is immediate. Access anywhere. Files can be shared by sharing FOB data. If your computer is stolen, destroyed or dies, plug the FOB into the new computer. Load your programs and your are ready to roll. Almost no tech support or tech knowledge is required.

But what if you lose internet access? Files are stored in a temp directory on your computer. They will be synced when the internet is available.

Cost is about $10/month.


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