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August 15, 2008

VOIP for business

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Everyone has heard about VOIP. Some have tried it with decidedly mixed results. Let’s try it at home for ridiculously low prices, a la SunRocket. Quality could be poor. Companies go out of business. Vonage is still around with low rate, but not so certain voice quality.

So is it a good idea? Some make the mistake of trying a low cost program at home, then concluding the quality is not there.

That is not a fair assessment for business. There are some great service providers. I use cBeyond. They make sure they are conservative with the number of lines they support. Hence, voice quality is superb. They guarantee uptime, as a real business class provider. They usually beat the ATT price, and often other providers. Service is great.

How are they different? Simple is the way to describe their system. It is a Cisco based network. Take a look at this system map. Look at the complexity of the old telephone system as opposed to the cBeyond system.

Yes, I do represent cBeyond because I think they do a great job with a great product.

This is a real change for business.


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