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August 10, 2008

Why Should You Do Business with Me?

Filed under: Business,Computers — Ralph Kirkland @ 7:20 pm

That is an excellent question. I have thought about it a lot. (Note the stall to think a little more.) I look at what other people say.

They talk about how long they have worked in IT.
How many certifications they have.
The services they offer.
They offer a great price.
They give you 24 hour monitoring of your equipment.

None of these are compelling. Other vendors can do most any of those.

So how am I different?

If you have an immediate problem, then the first thing is to get that fixed.

Second, I want to learn about your business. What are you trying to achieve. What do your computers mean to your business. How serious is a computer or network being down for your business. How safe is your data? Do you have adequate data protection?

All these things involve your values, your time, your business, and ultimately your family. There is an out of pocket cost of service. There is a real cost of time and energy if you don’t have service.

I like to look at your overall business. Often, I know people that I trust that can help you save money in other areas. Once I learn your business, I may be able to find referrals for you. I do that for many of my clients.

Instead of a list of services, what I look want to know is how I can help your business. Once we decide that, then I talk about services.

Until I begin to understand your business, I can only give you an uneducated guess about how to help you.

Other service providers can do this also. Very few get personal with computer services. Have a talk with your computer service company. Is your computer service providing the support you need? See what you think.

My website is In-House Tech Support.


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