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August 1, 2008

This is Why You Must Have Backups

Filed under: Computers,Software — Ralph Kirkland @ 1:28 pm

Recently, a friend called me in a panic about her computer. She could not get it to boot. Could I save her drive. I thought I could. I was wrong.

She told me her computer was slow six or eight months ago. I offered to check it. She never got it to me.

I started trying to repair her Windows partition. No partition even showed up. I went to the BIOS setup. I could see the hard drive listed there. I tried read the drive in another computer.. The computer took 5 minutes to boot, then the drive could not be read. I held the drive close to my ear. I could hear click-click-click….. Not a good sign for a hard drive.

I ended up replacing her hard drive. But all her data was lost. Her only recourse is a very expensive data recovery.

So she just needs to restore her most recent backup. Wrong. When backups are not automatic, they do not get done.

What should you do?

I recommend that you have an automatic backup on your computer.

Second, I recommend an on-line backup. With an on-line backup, all her data would be available. Why on-line, even if your computer and all your backups are stolen, you still have your data on-line.

This should work as long as you don’t need to backup more than about 10 GB. So what do I recommend? Carbonite. The cost is only $50. Only $20 after rebate.


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