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July 31, 2008

Business computing

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At some size, most businesses take on someone to manage their computers.  For those not at that stage, or those that don’t want to get to that stage, outside computer support can free up their time.

Isn’t this a big cost?

It is money taken out of the business.  That cost may easily be offset by gains in other areas, like sales or production.  For some, this cost only is incurred in an emergency.  Is that the wrong thing for you to do?  I don’t know. 

Protect yourself:

  • Have an automatic backup setup.  Not automatic, not happening.
  • Store a copy of the backup off-site.
  • Ideally, I think you should have an on-line backup.
  • Do you know the code numbers you need to re-install your software?  They may keep you from having to buy the software in case of disaster.
  • Do you have a good security software suite, anti-virus and firewall?
  • Are your computers running slowly?  Do they need a tune-up?
  • Is your internet speed so slow it causes problems?  Could you save money with a different phone provider?
  • Is your wireless router exposing your and your customer data to the world?  Not safeguarding your data, could lead to huge fines.
  • Finally, are you spending time keeping computers going that you should be spending on sales, marketing, or making calls?

Am I aware that some businesses cannot afford any services?  Sure.  But as soon as you can, you should start off-loading computer support to someone. Is this a self serving opinion. Of course. But it is true.


First post

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This is my first post using WordPress.  I will be adding comments about computers, computer problems, recommendations, warnings, and anything else I may want to comment on.